10 Simple Questions For A Happy Day

On a typical weekday, we get up, have a bite to eat, get ready for work and hit the road – without a single thought to what our day is going to be. This auto-pilot mentality seems to work for some – but, not for me.

I've found that if I ask myself 10 simple questions every morning that my day is far better than when I do not ask myself these questions.

These are the 10-questions to ask yourself to have a better day.

Am I going to make healthy eating choices today?

Am I going to drink enough water today?

Am I going to exercise today?

Am I going to speak kindly to myself and my loved ones today?

Will I make every effort to support and enhance my career today?

Have I set aside enough time for sleep?

Have I set aside time for laughter and fun?

Have I set aside time for prayer and mediation?

Am I in a good mood today?

Am I happy today?

Of course, the more of these questions you answer "yes" the better your day is going to be. There are many, many things to accomplish every single day. A simple list of questions such as this can change your life.

Use these 10-simple questions to enhance your life.

Source by David Holmes

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