11 Tips for Children's Website Design

Designing a children's website is a lot more different than other web designs. You have to be more creative, spontaneous, imaginative and innovative with your design to impress the young audience. You can use Flash effects, games, bright colors and many other things in children's website and help them learn new things. Here are some tips for attractive children's website design.

  1. Use Bold and Bright Colors – Use as many bright and bold colors as you wish. Kids love to see colorful websites that reflect a cheerful image. If you use light or gray colors in your design, they will be least interested to check the site.
  2. Minimum Text – Kids do not like to read long paragraphs. You should use short and to the point sentences / words to convey the message successfully. Also, select the right words that kids can understand. If your words are too difficult to comprehend, they will not understand what you are trying to tell them.
  3. Use Lots of Pictures – You can communicate with your audience more effectively using various pictures. Use large images of their favorite cartoon characters to grab their attention and encourage them to surf the site.
  4. Know the Age Group – You have to know your target audience to design any website effectively. However, when you design children's website, you also need to know the age group of your target audience, because things that can attract a 5 year old kid, may not attract a 12 year old kid.
  5. Animated Characters Are Great for Attraction – Design vivid and energetic animated characters to attract your target audience. You can use Flash in your website and make the characters dynamic. They will visit your site regularly to see their favorite characters sing and dance.
  6. Feature Some Games – You can boost online traffic by incorporating some games in a children's website. Kids will regularly visit your site to play those games. Make the games enjoyable, but not very difficult.
  7. Have Some Learning Activities – You can post some quiz and coloring material in your site so that kids can download those items and play with them offline. This will help them remember your site, even when they are not seeing it. Regularly update the printable items and your site will become very popular.
  8. Simple Navigation – Kids do not like to go through complicated menu and links to check the whole website. Use large buttons instead of drop down menu, as it will help them to understand the navigation process easily. Keep the pages small and avoid scrolling, because kids do not like to scroll pages.
  9. Use Music and Sounds – Sound and music are two very important elements of children's website design. You can use music in the games and grab the young audience's attention.
  10. Use Pre-Loaders – Due to heavy use of Flash animation, video and audio, children's website becomes very heavy and takes long to load. Kids are very impatient and they will not wait if the site takes too much time to load. You can use pre-loader and hold their attention till the site loads in the background.
  11. Let the Kids Customize – Give your young audience the freedom to create and customize their favorite cartoon characters. You should also make your games upgradable and introduce new elements as the game progresses. This will keep the kids glued to your website.

You should also feature a parent's section in your website and mention the rules and regulation of the site to insure the parents that your site does not contain any harmful material for children. Follow the aforementioned tips and your web design will get appreciation from both parents and kids.

Source by Arjun Dasgupta

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