Birthdays – The First One

In this article we're going to discuss probably one of the most important birthdays you'll celebrate, your first. Ironically, you will not remember your first birthday. But your parents will. So this article is more for them than for the birthday boy or girl. A first birthday for your child is very special. For one thing, he or she has made it through the first year of life on earth. That in itself is an accomplishment since during your first year you're pretty much dependent on your parents for everything. So this particular birthday celebration should be a special one.

For starters you (the parents, not the baby) should really get nice invitations. A front cover of "Baby's First Birthday" is probably the most common, but do not be afraid to be different. After all, you want this party to be special, right from the invitations down to the party itself. Forget the expense. This is a once in a lifetime event. So invite everyone you know who you've been or are close to. This includes friends, family, even people you work with. You want everyone involved in this special day as possible. Obviously this will mean renting a hall, except of course you live in a mansion. Go for it. Find the nicest hall you can afford. Have the meal catered. This can either be an early lunch or late dinner. Your best bet is to have a buffet. That way people can pretty much eat what they like. Have a large selection of foods both hot and cold. Some suggestions for the cold buffet would be all sorts of salads like tuna and potato. Have a variety of cold cuts like bologna, salami, ham, roast beef and turkey. For the hot portion of the buffet you may want to have a wide variety so there is something for everyone. Maybe some chow mein, hot beef, chicken and even fish. Have a nice selection of hot vegetables like peas, corn, carrots and green beans.

For dessert you obviously want to have a cake. The best bet is a large sheet cake that will be enough for all the guests. But have other desserts as well such as ice cream, brownies and cookies. It's best to have a table just for desserts.

Your guests are going to have a lot of gifts for your child. Make sure you've arrived in a vehicle where you'll be able to transport everything. If you do not own a van or a truck then bringing more than one vehicle or have friends help you bring the gifts back home. Make sure you keep track of what everyone gave your child so you can write proper thank you notes afterwards. This may sound obvious but do not forget about your child on this day. Make sure you bring baby food, change of diapers, etc. It's your child's day and you want to make sure that he or she is as well taken care of as your guests. Finally, make sure you bring plenty of film and a video camera. This is a day that you are going to want to remember for a long time, especially when that one year old is heading off to college.

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