Easy to Remember Monologues For Kid’s Auditions

Is your young star about to audition? If so you’re probably looking for a monologue or two that will be easy for him or her to remember. Here are some helpful kids casting call tips, as well as some sample monologues.

First, remember that kids auditions are not just about memorization. When you go in to a casting for kids, you as the parent will be judged just as much as the child. Try not to over-coach your son or daughter or instruct them on how to behave or perform when in the casting room.

You will usually not be permitted to enter the casting room with your child. Don’t ask; it won’t look good if you do. Make sure you arrive on time, but not too early, and be polite to everyone you encounter. Do not bring additional children with you to the casting call.

Choose a monologue that is age and gender appropriate and one that your child enjoys and can relate to. You may even consider allowing your child to write his or her own monologue. The content itself is not as important as your child’s ability to effectively and naturally deliver a performance. Additionally, your child should be able to change up his or her performance (tone, hand gestures, emotion, etc.) if prompted to do so by the casting director, producer or director in the casting room.

The following monologues for kids auditions are easy to memorize:

Dramatic/Girl or Boy/age 7-10

I think homework stinks. Seriously, who came up with this stuff? Kindergarten was great: I went to school, played most of the day, had naptime, painted a picture, and then played some more. Then I went home with no homework, and played again! But now that I’m in (fill in grade), I have homework and if you ask me, it stinks! The teacher says it will keep my mind active. Trust me; I have plenty to keep my mind active…like that spelling test she’s making me take on Friday!

Comedic/Girl or Boy/ age 4-7

Today I got a new sister. Everyone else thinks she’s so cute, but I don’t see what the big deal is. She cries all the time and everyone’s always making all these funny faces and sounds around her. Plus, mom and dad don’t get any sleep at night because the baby keeps them up. It’s not my fault; I asked for a puppy.

Source by Heather Leigh Broeker

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