Ideas to Rekindle Passion for Valentine's Day

Romance is an essential part of Valentine's Day. It is something that many couples go for when planning their activities and trying to come up with things to do. The following are a few romantic ideas for Valentine's Day.

First date remake- This is a fun way to celebrate the overlap of time and space that greeted two lives together, to create the love you are celebrating on Valentine's Day. Think back to the first time you met, or your first date, and recreate it by either going back to the place, or by mimicking it in your own home. You can do as much as try to wear the same clothes you wore on the date, or simply make the evening as close to the original as possible. It is a fun way to show the tender regard you have for one another, and that you remember the way you met, and that it matters to you.

Celebrate our love- For this activity you will want to find a romantic place and celebrate your love. This is an activity where you create mementos to celebrate your love. You may bring a picture of a time or place where a special moment happened. You may want to visit a place that has significance or meaning. The idea is to have each of you prepare 5-10 moments that had meaning to them in your relationship. Then you take turns with the activities and sharing what moments in your relationship that mattered most to you. For example, if you are married, you may drive to the place where you were bound together. If you have a child, you may want to visit the cafeteria of the hospital they were born in, and get dessert. This is like literally traveling down memory lane, and sharing with each other the moments that mattered most to you.

Exotic vacation- When people think of romantic time together, it is often pictured on a beach somewhere tropical, and with the sun kissing their skin, and exotic drinks in their hands. So, on Valentine's Day (typically part of winter), you can either get away for a real exotic vacation, or if budget will not allow it, create an exotic vacation at home. Turn up the heat, put up palm tree cut outs, and don a grass skirt. Then, make pina coladas, or other exotic drinks, and eat exotic fare. You can have your own exotic vacation right at your home.

A romantic Valentine's Day is not impossible, in fact, it can be fairly easy if you work to focus on love and happiness, and take advantage of sentiments and other reminders of your shared love. Set the mood with the right food, the right lighting, the right music, and the right timing and words. So, remember that and use it with any activity to create a romantic time.

Source by Beverly Frank

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