Teaching Your Kids to Get Organized

It's hard trying to keep a house nice and neat when you are constantly picking up after your toddler. I'm amazed how quickly our place turns from orderly and spacious to cluttered and crowded. It can be overwhelming if you do not have the help you need.

As a mom you may feel that your children should not have to worry about household chores and responsibilities when they are small. However, not teaching your children how to be responsible at a young age is providing an injustice that will affect their adult lives. First, we should set a good example and then give our kids the tools to keep at it. We need to set different expectations for the appropriate age of our kids. Here's a list of suggestions to motivate you to get your kids organized based on age.

– Simplify: Kids from 1 to to 4 years old
As soon as baby can walk, you should get her to help you clean up stuffed animals and small toys that will fit in her hands. Always be encouraging and affirmative with your words. She loves hearing positive feedback. This action will also associate a good experience with helping mommy and daddy clean up. If you keep a toddler's room fairly simply by using a large toy chest to store toys, this will cut down on clutter and disarray.

– Creativity: Kids from 4 to to 8 years old

School-age kids typically accumulate more possessions by this age. It's important to go through all their clothes, toys and books. Weed out what you can so you'll have less to store. Giving your children more containers that are specified and labeled for games and clothes will help her to know where to put items. Multicolored storage drawers are ideal and accessible to their height. Create unique dividers like hanging organizers that she can decorate and design herself. Kids love to have their own creations around their rooms.

– Responsibility: Kids from 9 to 12 years old
By the time your child reaches the fourth grade she should have scheduled chores in place. They are quite capable to keep their room clean so it's up to you on how you deal with the consequences if it's not up to par. They are usually more rebellious by this age so you should let them have a space that will allow them a little more freedom. Their bedrooms are becoming their own place to hang out with friends and chit chat on their phones so be open to letting them create a unique space even if that means you have to redecorate. Kids love products that show their unique personality. The last thing you want is to stress over a bedroom that is really their own. By this age all your advice and persistence over the years should pay off.

Source by Anita Mary Winter

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